The pouch looks so slim, will it really hold 30 wipes?

Yes, it was specifically designed to hold up to 30 wipes.

How do you put the wipes into the pouch?

Just pull open the discreet zipper and insert the wipes.  Use the press to seal zipper to close the pouch.  Then use the flip top lid to access the wipes as you need them.

Why is the Be Bundles wet wipes pouch better than hard wipes cases?

Our wet wipes pouch will adapt to the quantity of wipes which reduces the chance of wipes falling back into the pouch.  Our design will also keep wipes moist.  Many hard cases are bulky and do not retain moisture well.  Some even require that you open them like a book which takes up precious room on a change table.

What material is the wet wipes pouch made out of?

The pouch is made from a durable plastic material which is BPA, vinyl (EVA, PVC), lead and phthalate free.

Are the wet wipes pouches and organizer bags BPA free?

Yes, all of our products are BPA, vinyl (EVA, PVC), lead and phthalate free.

Can I wash the organizer bags?

Yes.  The organizer bags can be hand washed in soap and water.  Let the bag air dry with the zipper access propped open.