Be Bundles Wet Wipes Pouch

Our reusable, durable wet wipes pouch can hold up to 30 wet wipes and keeps them moist.  A discreet leak resistant press to seal zipper and flip top lid makes our pouch easy to use.  With a variety of attractive patterns to choose from our pouch will allow you to carry wipes in style.

Our wet wipes pouch has a slim design that adapts to the quantity of wipes inserted.  The pouch can be as slim as you want it to be.  This design reduces the chance of wipes falling back into the pouch and ensures that the pouch is always in contact with the wet wipes which minimizes air pockets and keeps the wipes moist.

Our pouch is BPA, vinyl (EVA, PVC), lead and phthalate free.


Be Bundles Snap Flip Lid

Our soon to be patented snap-on flip top lid can be used to replace any sticker tab closure or glued-on flip top lid that has become detached.  The lid can be attached to refillable pouches as well as non-refillable packages.

The lids are BPA, vinyl (EVA, PVC), lead and phthalate free.


Be Bundles Organizer Bags

Our organizer bags have a waterproof press to seal zipper and large clear window to easily identify contents.  The bright pattern on the back side make the bags easy to find in your bag.  Our organizer bags are great for organizing your diaper bag, suitcase, purse, backpack etc.  Organize your toiletries, snacks, crafts, diapers, toys, etc.

The strong, thin, lightweight plastic composite material is food grade material and is BPA, vinyl (EVA, PVC), lead and phthalate free.